Arrowhead Wood Products

Arrowhead Wood Products uses various shippers to offer you the best price.


Due to variables in location and the size of your order, we have a two step process to finalize your shipping expense.

We have a $14.95 minimum shipping charge which is paid at time of placing your order. This is based on the cost to ship a USPS medium flat rate box within the US.

Depending on where you live and the size of your order your shipping cost may be more than $14.95 minimum.

The $14.95 shipping charge will be adjusted to the actual shipping cost using the most economical means the Postal Service offers, based on weight and your zip code.

If the cost to ship your order to your location is more than $14.95, you will be sent an invoice from Arrowhead Wood Products via Paypal for the remainder due. (The difference between $14.95 and the actual shipping cost).

(Please note that the email invoice notification comes from Paypal.  If you have placed an order, please watch for a shipping invoice and please check your Spam folder – We want to ship your order to you as soon as possible!).

Once this invoice is paid via Paypal we will promptly ship your order.