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Basswoods    Tilia
The basswoods, or lindens, supply welcome shade on city streets. Their soft, light-colored wood is a carver’s delight. And their pale, fragrant flowers yield nectar that bees transform into a most flavorsome honey. All three North American species have heart-shaped leaves and straplike bracts.

…..Reader’s Digest North American Wildlife c. 1982

A Basswood can grow 65 to 120 feet tall and is indigenous to the Midwest and Northeastern United States with the highest quality Basswood coming from Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. Basswood is used by skilled artisans and craftsmen alike to create many unique and lovely objects.

Basswood is the wood of choice for wood carving and other wood crafts.  It takes paint and stain well and many people love Basswood for its beauty and its softer workable quality.

Basswood forest in Northern Minnesota